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Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Just Was On a R1-9, MU Gate Car and a BMT Standard B Type

This photo was taken yesterday by chuchubob (Larry's Post 1399979) at yesterday's NYC Transit Museum Parade of Trains as posted at Subchat.  Today, I was on a R1-9 1802, a gate car and a BMT Standard.  Despite having no fans, and with all windows open, the gate cars were cool a few hours ago.  In this picture, you can see a BMT Triplex Type D on the next track.  It was a nice experience to ride on some of the old equipment a few hours ago.  I believe this lineup will last until 5 pm today.

What a nice experience.  As the trains ran between Kings Highway and Brighton Beach, scores of persons were taking photos, even though some of the persons may be not train buffs.  Every person had a nice expression on their faces.  Do not get me wrong, the new equipment is fine with the good air conditioning, but the new equipment is all the same  on each division and is soooo boooooring!  I have good memories that I can tell the difference between a Low - V and a BMT Type D Triplex.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Once Upon a Tram

Check out this video dealing with a tram line in Ireland.   I did not view the entire video yet, but it shares some characteristics with the 3rd Avenue El, Prague and other transit videos.


Color video of Hill of Howth tramway (Ireland); "Once Upon A Tram"

Posted by Olog-hai on Fri Jun 24 01:03:28 2016
Narrated by Cyril Cusack. (German subtitles turned on.) Some steam action shown on what is today's DART line in Howth.