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Monday, April 9, 2012

St. Petersburg (Russia) Interactive Map

A friend of mine gave me a link to an experimental web site dealing with surface transport in St. Petersburg in Russia.  This interactive map will show you information about the regular bus routes (autobus) in real time.  The map also shows tramway and trolleybus information but not in real time.  The website is in Russian and I do not know the Russian Langauge but I can make out some of the letters in the Russian alphabet.  Go to the left side of the website and choose one of three modes.  In Russian, the "R" sound is printed as a "P" so therefore:  "TPAM..." is tram, "TPOLL...BYC" is "Trolleybus" and regular buses is similar to "Autobus", {ABTOBUS?} or "ABTOBYC".  Look for the three symbols for the three modes and have fun experimenting.  Thanks for the link.  There are great maps here.

Note:  To see the individual routes arranged by route number click "MAPSHPYTBI".  Look for the trolleybus, tramway or autobus symbols.