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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Second Avenue El ended 6/13/42

This lithograph was posted in "Subchat" by "Queensboro Plaza" a few days ago.  It is a 1930 drawing by L. Lozowick and it shows, I believe where the Queensboro Bridge branch of the 2nd Avenue El separates from the 2nd Avenue mainline around 59th Street.  I think that it is very cool.  The late teens, 1920's and the beginning of the 1930's was the golden age of rapid transit.

Earlier picture of the 2nd Avenue El posted in this blog.

Second Avenue Elevated RIP

Posted by qveensboro_plaza on Tue Jun 13 16:54:49 2017
In remembrance of the final segment of the Second Avenue El closing on June 13,1942, 75 years ago today, here is a 1930 lithograph by Louis Lozowick: