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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4th and Madison Avenue Streetcar Line (Manhattan) 1919 - 1933 Track Map

Source: B. Linder, New York Division Bulletin, ERA, Vol. 30, No. 7, July, 1987, pages 4-5.
The 4th & Madison Avenue Streetcar Line started its' life early as a very early horsecar line in 1832 and was electrified in 1898.  This line like most Manhattan streetcar lines used an underground conduit for its' power source.  The line was long and ran  from 135th Street and Madison to the old post office at Park Row.  The line ran under the 3rd Avenue El on the Bowery and had a short lived branch to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge at Delancy Street.  Some Manhattan streetcars crossed the Williamsburg Bridge to Bridge Plaza in Brooklyn using conduit track directly to the plaza.  Brooklyn streetcars at that plaza used trolley wire.  The Williamsburg Bridge branch service lasted from 1907 to 1920 only.  The entire line was replaced by buses according to the material supplied by B. Linder in 1935.  Notice the tunnel at 34th Street and Park Avenue South, which is in use today by automobiles.

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  1. We have a postal cachet commemorating the last run of the Madison Ave Street car on Aug 3, 1935.