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Thursday, October 25, 2012

2nd Avenue El in Manhattan, 1893-1903

Source:  Linder, B. "Second Avenue 'L'", New York Division Bulletin, Vol. 35, No. 10, October, 1992, pp. 2 -6.

This is a map that was compiled by the staff of "Electric Railraods" and is listed as item number M-108 in their catalogue.  This early layout shows Manhattan trackage only.  From South Ferrry to Chatham Square, the 2nd Avenue El shared trackage with it's sister, the 3rd Avenue El.  North of Chatham Square, the two lines split with the 2nd Avenue El going along First Avenue, 23rd street, and Second Avenue.  The lines were re-united at 129th Street before both lines crossed the Harlem River into the Bronx.  The opening dates are as follows:  March 1, 1880, Chatham Square to 65th Street,  August 16, 1880, 65th Street to 127th Street, July 23, 1917 Extended from 57th Street to Queensboro Plaza via Queenboro Bridge.

Closing dates are: June 11, 1940   60th Street to 129th Street
June 13, 1942  Chatham Square to Queensboro Plaza via Second Avenue "L" and Queensboro Bridge.

A few steam trains lasted until September 2, 1902.The first electric experiments started on November 21, 1900. Full electric service started on March 11, 1902.

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