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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Last Trolley Line Built in Brooklyn: The Eight Avenue Trolley

Source:  Watson, Edward. B & Linder, B. "Eight Avenue Line", In New York Division Bulletin, Electric Railroaders' Association, Vol. 21, No. 12, December, 1978, p.4.

  Please find below a map and some interesting data about the Eight Avenue Trolley line in Brooklyn which was the last line to be built in 1915 using new track.  The line lasted to 1949 and it shared some trackage to the waterfront with our beloved Church Avenue Line that lasted to October 31, 1956.  In one of my posted videos, there is a clip of the 8th Avenue and 39th Street intersection where both lines separated.  Although I cannot supply documentation regarding this, but I read some place that the BRT - BMT management were very pro trolley and wanted to construct new lines in the southern part of Brooklyn that did not have any trolley lines, such as some of the lines that become bus routes that ran from east to west to East New York and elsewhere.  The City of New York even then (early part of the 20th Century) was very hostile to the concept of streetcars and would not allow it.

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