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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polish Railways Flooding Experiment Using GRASS 6.4.1

In the maps below, I brought in Polish Railways and the Elevation of Poland and created a map.  I used the Hydrology "Carve" option in which I used the railroad as the stream vector file.  Really railroads are not streams, specially if a railroad is built on an embankment or elevated section.  In this experiment, I did this anyway to see what would happen.  The results show that where the is a red "X" ( not clearly shown), there is a potential for a stream to develop.  Thus the map shows that there are many areas in Poland where this may occur.  If there the railway line as shown has no "x's", this area is clear of flooding.  This is just an experiment to show how raster and shape files can be taken off the web and utilized in a hydrology mapping program.  Darker green to blue is higher elevations.  To repeat, this is an experiment.  Dziękuję !   Cześć!

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