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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Abandoned City Hall Loop Station as Seen by a # 6 Lexington Avenue Line Local Train

Hi Folks: I had this in my draft mode for some time. My previous post dealt with the Lexington Avenue Line track map which does show the City Hall Loop which is still in use. Now you can see the loop from the head car of a Lexington Avenue Local (Number 6) train. Thank you R-36 for the posting. Note that the beginning and ending points of this video is the historic Brooklyn Bridge Station on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. At this location, above street level, once existed the Park Row terminal for Brooklyn elevated lines and trolley lines that crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. Near this site was the City Hall stop of the 3rd and 2nd Avenue Elevated Lines as well. and some important Manhattan streetcars terminated in the general location as well at Broadway and Park Row, not too far away.

Source: Subchat posting below:

VIDEO: City Hall Loop

Posted by R36 #9346 on Wed Jan 9 18:36:09 2013
With a train with a railfan window running on the 6, it's now possible to get videos like this one. (Note, you can watch this at up to 1080p if you want.)

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