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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shanghai Trolleybuses seem to get another chance

From "Trolleymotion". Part of this turn around may be due to bad air pollution. City: news archive Shanghai [CN] - change of direction: Renewal of Trolleybusparks D. búdách - 03:03:14 Obviously, a clear change of direction - instead of the abolition of the still extensive trolleybus system, a comprehensive modernization on the plan After several attempts with electric buses have been found with battery or Super Cab energy storage as unreliable, now the transport policy orientation has been changed. About the procurement of 60 Youngman trolleybuses of the type JNP6120BEV1 we reported, the first of them met on 01.26.2014 (see release dated 27/01/2014 ). In February tender was published for the delivery of 230 additional cars, including 200 trolley buses with battery backup drive as so-called "Rechargable Electric Buses" and another 30 cars as battery electric duo-buses which are expected with stronger batteries for longer trips away from the contact line. All vehicles will be 12m long solo vehicle. Delivery is already done for 200 cars in May and June 2014, the remaining 30 to follow a little later. This is the entire current Trolleybusflotte that is continuously less than 10 years old, will be replaced. In addition, the then increased to 290 cars on hand at the end of the temporary mixed operation with diesel buses to run on the remaining trolleybus lines. Currently the lines are 6,8,14,19,20,24,25 and 28 traveled by trolley buses. The new car will also come on the 15 for a year no longer electrically operated line back into use, also on line 22 (since October 2013 without trolley buses). The re-commissioning of the lines 13 and 23 is currently (still) not on the agenda. The trolleybus in Shanghai celebrates in November this year its 100th anniversary and is the oldest operating trolley coach system in the world. Photos: On 13/02/2014 led the first Youngman Trolleybus (J2B0001) a test drive on the line by 15, it was after the retirement of the last two KGP trolleybuses in March 2013, the first trolleybus after almost a year on this line (photo above). A week later, on 22.02.2013 was the Youngman Trolleybus be J2B0009 spotted on a test drive on the line 22. Recordings: Wenchao Song

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