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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Having your Soup and Eatting it Too! Campbell's Soup and the Eighth Avenue

Hi Folks:

   This weekend, the New York City Transit Authority is running some vintage R1-9 equipment on the weekend "M" train, that now runs on weekends between Metropolitan Avenue Queens and Essex-Delancey Streets, the site of our abandoned trolley station at the foot of the Williamsburgh Bridge.    J. Caronetti posted a nice series of shots of old IND equipment on the line.  They are very good quality and are posted in subchat.  (subchat r17-6599)  Also posted is a undated advertising panel perhaps from 1948 for Campbell Soup showing  a drawing of an IND R-1-9 car.

The train is signed properly for Eight Avenue service to Washington Heights.  Just one thing, the drawing appears to lack a third rail. Nice bird, how did it get into the subway?  Thanks for posting.

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