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Saturday, November 29, 2014

This Brighton Beach is not in Brooklyn

This Brighton Beach is not in Brooklyn!

It is funny to see a "Brighton Beach" sign on a trolley that is not on a subway car or trolley car in New York.  In fact, I am not sure in he heyday of streetcars in Brooklyn, New York, if a destination curtain had a setting for "Brighton Beach"  in the PCC era.  Since Coney Island was nearby, perhaps Coney Island was a more well know setting.  I think the PCC cars had a setting for Coney Island or West 5th Street Depot instead of "Brighton Beach".  "Brighton Beach" here in Brooklyn is very rich in transit history and probably there was a "Brighton Beach" destination on sign curtains earlier in the 20th Century on street railway equipment.  Of course on BMT subway equipment, such as BMT standards, Triplexes and modern equipment, "Brighton Beach" today and the past is an important terminal.

Enjoy the video from "Down Under".  The destination sign shown in this clip is not really a curtain but is a piece of wood painted with the destinations.

From " 1950's St. Kilda Tram to Brighton Beach" posted by Gezza1967

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