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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Trip to Prague: Revisited

Hi Folks:

    Several months ago I posted a short video about a trip to Prague in 1960.  It had great music and the photography was something else, beautiful, taken at twilight.  The Prague video from 1960 showed older equipment and some PCC type modern trams.  I also posted below a video taken in 1958 which shows mainly new PCC equipment.

    In may father's trip to Warsaw in 1920's, he described that passengers would hop on and off streetcars.  In the 1960, you can see this very well and I forgot about this.  You can see at points that the streetcar would not stop at all and that people would easily jump on or off.  In fact, the cars at rush hour would have a lot of "hangers on".  In the great clip in 1958, you see less of this with the more modern PCC equipment.  You do see a man leaning out of  an open PCC car door while the car is moving. 

   Every age has a style to it.  Even though Prague was very isolated in the late 1950's and 1960's, you can see that there is a certain style that transcends cultures.  I remember seeing a film called "Desk Set" (1958?) and certain elements of that style can be found in the 1958 Prague Clip.

   In today's world, jumping on or off moving streetcars would probably be banned for the fear of law cases dealing with injuries.  And these were not low floor streetcars.  Enjoy both films, they are great to see.  I believe that the Czechs love their streetcars today while in New York, they have been gone for about 58 years.  Do not wait to see New Yorker's hanging on streetcars soon!

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