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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Small and Cute

Hi Folks:

 I been very busy lately.  Here is a interesting photo that was obtained from a very interesting FACEBOOK account called "Trolleybus".  There is very interesting material here.  The author of that site is very dedicated to the subject material.    I cannot read the smaller print and my German is not that good.  Is this a real vehicle, a demonstrator or just a "photo shop" creation?  Very interesting....thanks "Trolleybus".


  1. No, it's just a visual pun. The text reads: "Fortunately, our Elektromobile is not built for four persons."

    1. Hi Prisciannus Jr:

      Thanks for your comments. I am also a Culver Line fan. Do you remember the "Live Chicken Market" at 39th Street and 13th Avenue where the Church Avenue Trolley turned? Windows were broken near the intersection when a ship blew up in the harbor at 33 Street in December, 1956. Thanks, Tramway Null(0)