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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What is TRAVIC?

Bored With Subchat??? Try TRAVIC (Transit Visualization Client)

Posted by heypaul on Sun May 24 22:19:53 2015
Why bother with people talking transit, when you can watch the movement of subway lines and buses throughout New York City and over 100 other cities?

Folks, I just came across this interactive map site which according to the above caption, it is available for 100 other cities.  Click on the link above and I believe you will get New York ( Brooklyn).  At first, you will see a great map.  What is so special?   Something is wrong?  The subway and bus symbols (Route Numbers) are moving.  Looking at the comments, some readers stated that the movement of all subway trains in New York City is not available in real time, and likewise for the buses.  This site will simulate bus and subway movements according to published data for routes that are not yet available in real time.  I have not a chance to check this site out.  This map brings in another dimension to map making.  It is interesting to see what happens at terminals during rush hours.  Are the symbols stacked up?  I will take a look now.  Thanks heypaul of Subchat for sharing.    More to follow.

Observation 1:  Symbols do not stop at the designated subway stops.  For example, on the map, a moving "6" (Lexington Avenue Local) does not stop at Spring Street.   There is no stack of "G" trains at Church Avenue.  Folks, I just looked at the map for a few minutes.  It is great, nevertheless.  PATH is included.  Regarding the map itself, one writer said that the subway lines follow the street line, which may not be the actual situation.

More to follow.

  Click on "All Feeds (249)" to get a world map of cities covered

Verrrry Intereeeesting!
Tramway Null(0)

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