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Friday, August 21, 2015

Will You Be Able to See the Staten Island Ferris Wheel from the Top of the 470' Neptune Tower?

In this GRASS 6.4.1. Map, I recalled the the visibility plane produced several years ago with the proposed Staten Island Ferris Wheel.  That is the large blue circle like figure on the left.  Yesterday, I produced a similar visibility file based on the New York City Elevations (raster) and the approximate coordinates of the proposed tower at Neptune Avenue and Shell Road Brooklyn (right next to the Culver Line. (On the left)  I find GRASS 6.4.1 very difficult to work with, especially bringing in shape files from ARCGIS.  The problem with GRASS is that it does not allow you to open any directory that you wish.  The Neptune Circle may be smaller because I may have set up a lower range.  Notice that the Staten Island Ferris Wheel would not be visible from interior Staten Island.  Perhaps the high hills on the east side of Staten Island will block the view of viewers from western Brooklyn.  This is just an experiment and I will try again.  It was difficult to change the characteristics of the circle in order to allow the underlying open rapid transit lines to show through.  The circles look lie vortexes because the image was produced in 3-D and is viewed from a very high height.

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