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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Snowy Day in London Town

  Someone in subchat brought up the link below dealing with trolleybuses and tram cars in London, England.  These pictures, from London newspapers are very interesting showing various double deck trolleybuses and tram cars.  Interestingly, many of the shots of tram cars are from the central business district of London where cars received their juice from middle of the track conduits.  I remember seeing a London transit album as a child showing a tram subway in central London called the "Kingsway" subway and sure enough, some cars are marked as such.  Sorry that I could not bring up the pictures.  One picture struct me very much;  Sorry that I could not do a better job in bringing it up.  I had to paste it via word and change it to jpeg file via Adobe.  In this picture, from a London newspaper shows a double decked bus (left) and on the right, a double decker tram car without wires.  The date is 1950 and it is at noon when a strange snowstorm struck.  If you had a better picture in front of you, you would see the mist and water on the front and side windows of both vehicles.  There is snow on the  ground and the streetlamp is similar to the ones shown in " A Trip to Prague, 1960".

The link is below:

This scene is very similar to a drawing by Spruance who painted urban scenes.  The Spruance drawing is from the 1930's and probably shows a Manhattan scene.    It may be Philadelphia because Spruance comes and drew many Philadelphia scenes.  Looking at both double decker buses in both drawings, shown at night ( really noon in London ) leaves an interesting impression.  Even the foggy windows are about the same.
  I am a lazy person and I did not do recent research, but I would guess that London abandoned trams around 1952 and trolleybuses probably around 1960.  Unlike New York, London was able to free itself from anti-tram feelings and eventually built a modrn new tram line in London.

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