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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Update Regarding # 7 Flushing Line Extension

Hi Folks:

  The above map now shows the location of the PRW of the Flushing Line extension.  The station at 34th Street, 11th Avenue is also shown and I should have made the green dot bigger.  You also see neighboring transit lines and stations and the street elevation.  This update regarding the station and line shape files comes from our friends at: "Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center\CUNY".  There are also very interesting maps at this location, not all transit related.  Incidentally, the Flushing Line passes at 90 degrees across the former lower level of the "Eight Avenue Subway" at the 42nd Street station.  I am told that there is no visual links between these two systems.  As a transit buff, who has weird ideas, my idea would have been to have the Flushing Line have a branch off to the north end of the 42nd Street 8 Avenue Lower Level station.  From an engineering point of view, I do not know how much space would be required to make such a branch off.   Some westbound Flushing trains would use the lower level track to meet with the mainline Eight Avenue Tracks.  The final stop would be 59th Street - Columbus Circle.  The problem would be signaling for this section and the small width of Flushing Line Cars.  Not all Flushing trains would go to Columbus Circle.  You also have the problem of relaying and not blocking downtown IND trains.  Of course, would there be a need for such a service from Flushing to Columbus Circle?
Also, the proper trackways and switches must exist to allow the trains not to return back to Queens via the 53rd Street tunnel.
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