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Thursday, April 26, 2012

13th Avenue Station on the Culver Line - Prior to October, 1954

Photo Source:  George Conrad Collection

In this undated photo, a Brooklyn Union Elevated Car is shown at the 13th Avenue station on the BMT Culver Line prior to this section becoming the Culver Shuttle in October, 1954.  Due to a car shortage, surplus BMT Elevated Line equipment was called into action as shuttles between the Ninth Avenue Station and Coney Island during the rush hours.  Regularly, BMT Standard steel equipment was used on the line.  This photograph is interesting because it shows the wooden platform floors and wooden wind screens with windows.  The shot is facing west, towards the Fort Hamilton Parkway station and is taken from the Manhattan bound platform.  The el train is on the Coney Island bound track.  The Church Avenue trolley shot shown previously at 37th Street is right below the station where the woman on the Manhattan bound platforming is standing.  Notice the concrete coal silos, near the Coney Island bound platform and another one on 37th Street west of the station.  These coal companies had their own track sidings equipped with trolley wire under the structure and were served by the South Brookly Railroad Company.

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