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Monday, April 23, 2012

Church Avenue PCC Car at 37 th Street and 13 th Avenue Bklyn 1950's

Source:  Dave Pirmann Collection from Joe Terstagrose  (See Dave's Rail Pix)
This picture shows a westbound Church Avenue PCC car on 37th Street just about to turn onto 13th Avenue in Brooklyn during the 1950's.  This picture is very interesting because it shows a section of the Culver Line that was abandoned in 1975.  The 37th Street cooridor in Brooklyn and also McDonald Avenue (formerly Gravesend Avenue) had trackage that was operated by the South Brooklyn Rail Road Company which was a branch of  the BMT lines.  I would like to point out the el structure, which is the same type of structure which I have a photograph of the Avenue P station.  Notice above the wooden wind screens at platform level which had windows in it.  The wind screen was shabby in 1956 and you could have imagined what it looked like in 1975 before abondonment without years of maintenance.  Notice the railroad box car to the far right.  Above the box car you can see the wooden support for the trolley wire.  In the back of the box car or nearby were multi-story coal bins made of concrete.  In the blocks  surrounding the picture on 37th Street, there were many trolley sidings for SBR customers.  The box car is probably in one of the sidings.  To the left of the PCC car were garages but prior to this, this was the site of the Nassau Electric trolley yard.    At the "vanishing point" of the photograph is the IND subway line leaving the tunnel and approaching the Ditmas Avenue station where it will meet the Culver Line.

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