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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Selection of Brooklyn Trolley Videos

The first video above is labeled "Church Avenue" but it really shows the B-68 Coney Island Avenue Trolley at Park Circle and along Prospect Park West and Southwest.  It may show also the B-69 McDonald Vanderbuilt line.  There is a great shot of Partel Prichard Square and the Sands Theatre.  Modern PCC and older equipment is shown.

This is a great video showing the Church Avenue Line at  Argyle Road.  If you want to see action with Brooklyn's first trolley coach line, you will also see the Cortelyou Road trolley bus cross McDonald Avenue and you will see old and new equipment on the McDonald-Church trolley line.  The trolley coaches shown are from the prior generation of coaches used from the 1930s to 1948 which were replaced by St. Louis Car Company Trolley Coaches in 1948.  You  will also see the McDonald Avenue trolley just meet the Culver Line El structure at the Ditmas Avenue station and where the trolley trackage meets the PRW trackage of the South Brooklyn Railway.  You will catch a few nanosecond glipse of South Brooklyn Electric Locomotive action under the 13th Avenue Station at 37th Street and Church Avenue.  You will also visit the New Utrecht and 39th Street intersection and if you look closely, you will see the turnout for the West End trolley.  And last but not least, various equipment going into and leaving the Ocean Parkway Trolley Tunnel is presented.

This video covers the Coney Island area when Coney Island was Coney Island.  You will see Luna Park and other Amusement Parks when Coney Island was an international resort.  Today it is a meer shadow of itself.  You will see trolley action on Surf Avenue with Sea Gate cars and other action at Neptune Avenue.  You will catch a glipse of the upper tier of the elevated structure (Brighton Line) between West 8th Street and Stillwell Avenue subway stations.

Here is featured  little known streetcar lines, such a the West End Trolley and the Norton's Point Line running in their own private rights of way. The West End Trolley had its PRW near Bay 19 th Street and the Coney Island Norton's Point Line ran over an incline to the Stillwell Avenue subway station.  This is one of the few places were a streetcar in Brooklyn was on elevated structure.  Other places were at the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge and at the end of the 3rd Avenue El at 65th Street in Brooklyn.

Downtown Brooklyn is shown here on Jay Street.  Also is shown the public display of the then new PCC streetcar in Albee Square in 1936.  See the Fulton Street Elevated Line above.

Here you will see something very unusual.  The West End Trolley ran under the BMT West End Line for most of its route but it also ran on a private right of way.  Since it was not a busy line, it did not sport the best equipment.  Here, two PCC streetcars are shown on the Bay 19th Street PRW which is apparently part of a promotion for PCC service to the New York World's Fair in 1939.    I'm not sure about this, but BMT Lines wanted to charge passengers a extra nickle for the fare (a total of 10 cents) and Mayor LaGuardia who not have any part of this and the PCC service to the World's Fair lasted one day only.  I'm not sure about the starting point of this special World's Fair service, but it was probably not along the West End Trolley.

Shows the present day subway station at Essex Street off the Williamsburg Bridge and also shows the darkened former trolley terminal next to the Brooklyn bound subway track.

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