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Monday, June 25, 2012

Video of the West End Trolley and Church Avenue Trolley Tunnel

   Since in my last posts the subject was the West End Trolley (1916-1947), I found this video showing the 25th Avenue Loop at Harway Avenue.  In 1946, the West End trolley was cut back to this loop instead of going to Coney Island.  The private right of way is also shown just to the east of New Utrecht Avenue between 81st Streets and 84th Street.  The B.M.T. West End Line is shown in the background.  Today, Sixth Avenue "D" trains run on this elevated\subway route.  Two PCC cars are shown and this must have been a promotion for the New York's World's Fair.  Some other interesting views are shown, including a trolley emerging from the trolley tunnel under Ocean Parkway.

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