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Friday, July 6, 2012

76 Street Station Mystery - Location of Subway Air Vents

A reader was interested in the location of subway air vents at Pikin Avenue and Eldert Lane which is about four blocks west of our mystery 76th Street station.  I looked at an recent aerial picture at the area and from my visual location (I did not go in person and the image does not show the south side of the street), I could not find any air vents between Eldert Lane and the 76th and 77th Street areas on Pitkin Avenue.  In the image above, I red circled what I believe is the furthest east air vents for the existing subway.  The fact that the 76th Street station area does not have air vents does not necessarily mean that the station does not exist.    I am not an engineer but it would be interesting to find out the effects of a non ventilated cut and cover subway section on iron and other materials after over sixty years.

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