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Friday, July 13, 2012

Downtown Brooklyn Trolley Map 1939-10/12/41

Source:  B.Linder, New York Division Bulletin, Vol. 21, No. 8,  August, 1978, pp.5-7.

A quick look at the attached map reveals that the track network was getting smaller and less complicated.  According to B. Linder, this was the result of, in the late 1930's to 1941 to:
  1. Arranging that all cars on one line should go only to one terminal.
  2. By this time, one five lines crossed the Brooklyn Bridge; in 1930, ten lines crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.
  3. By June 16, 1941, the removal of the Fulton Street Elevated line resulted in many reroutes.
  4. These four lines were motorized:  Fulton Street (Aug. 10, 1941), Gates Avenue (Oct. 5, 1941), Putnam Avenue (September 29, 1941), Third Avenue (March 1, 1942.

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