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Monday, March 18, 2013

New York State Railroad Roadbeds - Including "Trolley"

For creating the map below, I used a shape file of old railroad beds in New York State provided by Russel Nelson.  It just so happens that many of the segments have the word "trolley" in it, so it was easy to use a ARCGIS ESRI definition query to select those segments that the word "trolley" applies to.  This map should be taken "as is" and I do not know if it is accurate, but it does show what can be done with shape files on the web.  Of the 395 segments available, 60 have the word trolley and are shown in blue.

Copyright 2005, 2006 by Russell Nelson. Not freely copyable data, because I'm still modifying it. If you want a copy, fetch it from here. If you want a friend to have a copy, tell him to get it from this site. Send comments to   For those who want to see a listing of the segments that have the word "trolley" in it, please see below:

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