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Monday, October 21, 2013

There is a tramway null after all; Not in Warszawa but in Łódź.

 In the video above, although the main subject is not tramways, it still gives you a chance to glance at various Lodz tramways in various settings.

The historic tram 5N with the "Combined Wagon" 5ND, consisting of two wagons of the early '60s. The last tramway like this  disappeared from the tour in 1991. Since 2003 he has returned as a streetcar line "0". You can tour it with a normal ticket. The historic tram line "0" on Sundays in July and August carry passengers on the route between The Health Park and the limit switch at Wycieczkowa Street . The tickets are validated in the electronic validating machine, although there is a tram conductor.

Please see this short that clearly shows a historic tramway route "0" in Łódź.
Czesc to my Polish friend that brought it to my attention.

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