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Thursday, November 7, 2013

McDonald Car at Cortelyou Road around 1952

Source:  Joe Testagrose Collection at
In this interesting photo below, a Brooklyn PCC car on the Church Avenue Line is just about to enter under the unfinished ramp at McDonald Avenue and Cortelyou Road.  This PCC car will travel under the el for a short distance and meet up with South Brooklyn Railway tracks and then go through a reversing loop.   About a few hundred feet from this car the car will meet the Cortelyou Road Trolleybus line as well.  In you look above the trolley, you will see that the "catwalk railing" is not finished.  Since this is an undated photo, I would judge its' date as sometime between 1951 and 1954.  In 1951, after many important streetcar lines were bustituted, excess PCC cars were sent to the Church and McDonald Avenue line  In October, 1954, the ramp was placed into operation in October with IND "D" trains making the journey to Coney Island for the first time over prior BMT Culver Line trackage.  In my previous post, I mentioned the trolley span support wires in the brick wall of the incline.  You can see at least four in this picture.  Some of these supports still exist today in the brick wall with a small piece of trolley support span wire and an insulator attached.  Notice the green chain link fence near the front of the PCC car.  As a child, I remember it and there was a door to enter under the incline.  I was told that the old Gravesend Avenue trolley tracks are still under there, for this was the right of way before the tracks were diverted to the sides of the incline.

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