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Friday, November 8, 2013

Raymond Loewy Also Designed This

Yesterday, in the United States, Google honored Raymond Loewy who was a designer.  Loewy also was a co-designer of the R-40 (Slant) subway car in New York.  In this undated picture, probably in 1968, a brand new F train consisting of R-40 Slant cars appear to be on the Culver Line probably at Bay Parkway - 22nd Avenue Station.  The car appears before it was marked up and modified.  The R-40 had its' problems however.  I was told that the seats were uncomfortable and the slant wasted passenger space.  The R-40 fleet was taken out of service in the last few years.


  1. Hi. I wanted to mention that the description of the photo posted on this page is incorrect. You mention that the car in the photo "appears before it was marked up and modified."

    The photo on this page shows an already modified R40. (To your credit, the R40 was modified further, to make it safer for passengers moving between cars.)

    The original R40 subway cars looked like this when they were delivered:

    1. Thanks for your correction and input.
      Tramway Null(0)