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Thursday, February 13, 2014


The link below was presented in subchat today.  As you know, the United States is having a harsh winter, including here in New York, with rain, snow and sleet.  This posting, from 2003 shows  a New York subway train in the third track of an elevated line running to clear the tracks during or after a blizzard.  What a light show! 

As a child, I remember the Culver Shuttle that had one track and no protection boards over the third rail.  What a show during the 1969 "Lindsay" blizzard!  The sky really lights up!

Since trolleys were destroyed in New York when I was young, I never remembered a light show produced by an ice storm and I have no experience of being during an ice storm in a city that has much trolleybus and streetcar lines.  What is like to experience an ice storm in Riga, Warsaw, Moscow, or any other city that has a big electric surface transit coverage?  It must be beautiful.

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