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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tram Tunnel in Kraków

Hi Folks:

I came across this video of a tramway line in Krakow that has some subway right of way.  Take a look at the tunnel (non station) section and tell me if you never saw a neater, cleaner section of tunnel.  It looks like an office building hallway with straight walls and nice doors to utilities. Of course, the stations are beautiful and so are the trams.

See the video below for a clearer look at the subway tunnel.

Below is a picture of the Dworzec Glowny or Glowny  (Head or Main) Train Station.
Sorry that I did not place in the correct Polish spelling; Przepraszam.

In some respects, this video is similar to the one that I posted about the Volgograd Tram subway which also starts on the surface along a Private Right of Way and goes down a long incline to a neat looking subway tunnel.

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