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Monday, May 26, 2014

An unusual "D" Train route in the 1950's

In an interesting article about IND subway service in the late 1950's, an article written by Alex Friedlander, Arthur Lonto and Henry Raudenbush in the "Bulletin" of the New York Division of the Electric Railroaders' Association ( Vol II, No. 3, July-August 1959), p.3, point out an interesting fact that I forgot about after so many years.  In those years, most "D" trains ran from 205th Street in the Bronx to either Coney Island or Church Avenue ( on the present day "F" train, or Culver Line) in Brooklyn.  On Saturday's, some "D" trains operated to Kings Highway (and McDonald Avenue) .  What is more interesting is this route:  205th Street Bronx and express stops along the Concourse (AM southbound and PM northbound), express 125th Street to 59th Street, 7th Avenue,  all local stops on Sixth Avenue, and along Houston Street, York Street and to Jay Street, Brooklyn, then Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets, Nostrand Avenue, Utica Avenue, Broadway-East New York and finally to Euclid Avenue.

This was not a reroute but  followed the following schedule:

Leave 205th Street:  7:23, 7:39, 7:55, 8:07 AM; also a 8:53 from 200 Street.

Leave Euclid Avenue:  3:08, 3:32, 3:47, 4:02 and 4:52 PM.  The train had 10 R1-9 cars and the markers were Green-White.  (  The first marker is on the motorman's side ).

 I remember being in such a train and we had to disembark at Jay Street for a Church Avenue bound "D" train.  The problem was this was in the afternoon and according to the above, the afternoon service was northbound only.  The signs were normal except where the destination was Coney Island or Bklyn- Church Avenue, the sign said ( I believe Fulton-Euclid Avenue).

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