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Sunday, May 4, 2014

What is a R-38 Doing in Moscow?

Hi folks:

   I got to see this recently posted video in Subchat  from Moscow.  The viewed Moscow subway car is very similar to many of the R-32 to R-38 series subway cars in terms of their interiors.  As mentioned in subchat, the startup noise is similar, however to a  Lo-V IRT car.  Elsewhere in this blog, I have pictures of Lo-V cars.  Take a look at this incredible video.  The camera person is taking a big chance sticking his/her head out into the tunnel.  In the New York City subway, various wires, pipes and other objects are few inches away from the side of the subway car and they can occur at any location.  Please do not lean against the doors!

Photo by: Wayne Whitehorne

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