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Sunday, June 28, 2015


From the Korman Collection:

Below is a picture taken by Fred Guenther yesterday and posted today on subchat.  Shot taken between Ocean Parkway and Brighton Beach Station.  A few hours ago, I rode a Type D Triplex between Kings Highway and Brighton Beach.  Also, I entered a BMT Standard Type A with the vents and I noticed that the motorperson's position had two seats.  In the 1950's, in the middle of the train, some units had the motorperson's position was open to the public for sitting.  In was dark in there, but I remember sitting there with my mom going into Manhattan.

What a great shot!  Order from left tor right:  Type D Triplex, R11, R1-9 and BMT Standard.  Thank you Fred.

Below is a Jeffrey Orstein photo taken yesterday.  I was not dreaming!  A two seat vestibule was available for passengers at the end of the car in the 1950's,  It was slightly dark in there when the train was in the tunnel.

Right above the word "Right" is the end of the car, with the storm door open.  You can see the next car.  Regular seats are too the left.

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