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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

5th Avenue and 9th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn, 1940

These two photos come from the New York Library Digital Archive and are being used here for research purposes.  They we both shot on June 14, 1940. At this point, I believe the 5th Avenue Elevated stopped running.

Both photos are from P.L. Sperr.  This appears to be a western view of 9th Street at Fifth Avenue.  You can see the 5th Avenue Elevated, perhaps abandoned a few days before.   What appears to be a west bound PCC car of the Smith-Coney Island line # 68.  In some years, this line went directly over the Brooklyn Bridge to Park Row.  The 9th Street station here is of the two track island type.

  This view is under the El at the same location but facing the north side.    I believe you are facing the Prospect Theatre ( see water tanks on roof ).  You can see the wires of the Smith-Coney Island Line and the Fifth Avenue Trolley.

  Before the Fifth Avenue El stopped running, Park Slopers at this location had such a rich mix of rail transit available, even available within a few blocks.  Within one or two blocks, you had the Fifth Avenue El to Park Row or Sands Street above, the Smth-Coney Island line to Coney or at certain times to Park Row, the Fifth Avenue Trolley to Downtown Brooklyn.  At Fourth Avenue and 9th Street you had the IND Prospect Park Line to Manhattan or Church Avenue and the BMT subway at 9th Street with West End and Culver and Fourth Avenue local service.  Up the hill you had the 7th Avenue and  McDonald -Vanderbuilt Avenue Streetcar Line on Prospect Park West..  And last but not least, there were in the area several South Brooklyn Railroad sidings and stations, probably near 2nd Avenue and 9th Street for Thomas Roulstone.

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