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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Experiment with QGIS 2.10.0 with GRASS 6.4.3

I have not done any experiments with maps in some time.  I downloaded GRASS and I noticed that the download included some features that included QGIS.  I took and old elevation raster file of New York City, which is apparently a photograph and I downloaded it into the program.  I worked with such raster files with this blog before.  Using one of the options which I will tell you about in the future, I was able to get the map above which shows Brooklyn in the center.  You can clearly see the Bay Ridge Division of the LIRR in the center.,  You can see the belt parkway near Coney Island and you can see shadows of the Sea Beach (N) and Brighton Line (Q) (B)  as well.  The straight line, at 90 degrees to the x axis west of the Sea Beach Line is a mystery.  Perhaps data is missing or this is a seam in the aerial photograph.  Compared to similar images before, I believe that this is an improvement.

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