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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Selection of Maps Made Using QGIS

I revisited QGIS again, that GRASS related geo-spatial software.  It is possible to bring in previously created or used raster and vector files into that environment.  There are many advanced features that I did not try yet, that the no-frills ARCGIS software does not supply.  In QGIS, you can take a raster file and make contours; something that you cannot do in ARCGIS without buying a more expensive package.

In this QGIS map,   a NYC raster file was brought in and converted to contours.  A vector subway map (stations, lines and RR's) was also added.  The arrow points to the area between the Culver and Brighton Lines in Brooklyn along the Bay Ridge RR cut/  The map is able to show the open cut (change of the elevation) around the area.  The contour lines are very crisp and easy to produce.

 A closer map of the area.  The arrow points to the location where the Culver Line on McDonald Avenue passes over the Bay Ridge Cut at "Stop and Shop".  Produced in QGIS using Bytes of the Big Apple and other sources.

  This interesting map was produced using recent NYC flood zone information, the street grid for Staten Island and a contour map produced in QGIS from a NYC Elevation raster file.  I was surprised to see that the RR for the northern shore of Staten Island at this point is more inland as one goes west.  These three maps were produced using QGIS, is a free online software.

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