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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Earthquakes and Fault Lines in Northern New Jersey

During last weekend, I heard that there was a earthquake in northern New Jersey.  One radio report told us that it was even felt in Brooklyn.  I visited Rutger's University map site and after several clicks, you can download several maps into shape files dealing with New Jersey geography and geology.  One download dealt with New Jersey earthquakes in the past to now.  I downloaded the file and brought it up in ARCGIS.  Looking at the table,  I noticed that there was as entry for last week's earthquake:
Here are some of the entries:

  Ringwood Boro, Passaic County, 1/2/2016, 5:58 am,  Lat. 41.1298,  depth= 8.38 km.    Magnitude: 2.07, Location: 2.4km  NW of Ringwood, N.J.

In the map above, I brought in some shape files that I downloaded several years ago.  The January 2, 2016 earthquake location is shown by a green star.  Light rail lines in red.  Earthquake sites are shown by a color coded dot based on the magnitude of the quake.  I used Jenkins-Box to assign the various ranges.  The highest magnitude is in red.  Each earthquake site shows the date of the quake and the magnitude.   I also brought in fault lines (from a download of several years ago) and a raster file of elevations in NewJersey.  The higher the location, the lighter the color. Notice that the non-electric light rail line that goes to Camden sits on the site of a prior earthquake.

Folks, do not make any decisions on this map.  I am not a geologist.  I am just having some fun with maps and I hope you find this information useful.
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  25 Earthquake Sites are within 500 Feet of a Fault:  Analysis Done by ARGIS.  A buffer of 500 Feet was set up around the fault shape file data.   Those sites within this buffer are shown.  They represent 13.1% of the total.  Notice that southern NJ does not seem to have fault lines?

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