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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Using a Spatial Join to add new Geological Data to a earthquake history file.

The map below is an ARCGIS map that included an layer from the Rutger's University Map Lab dealing with the geologic composition of the earth.  Once I added this layer, it was possible to do a spatial join with the earthquake history layer.  What a spacial join does is add to the Earthquake History table the soil type at each eartquake point.  Once doing this using ARCGIS , it is possible to produce a report.  The spatial join can be done using ARCGIS's toolbox and is quite simple.

The report below was produced using ARCGIS's report facility.  This is available when you bring up the source table.  Some summary statistics is available at the end of the table, showing max and min and standard deviations on some of this earthquake data from New Jersey

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