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Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's All Here

Hi Folks: The bird's eye view of many of the topics of interest in this blog is shown above.  It is a J. McDonald Vanderbilt photo from 2010.  The topic is the 38th Street BMT yard in Brooklyn.  The bottom of this picture shows the Ninth Avenue Station of the West End Line "D".  The tracks lie between 39th Street to the left and 37th Street to the right which is Greenwood Cemetery.  At the top of the picture is the waterfront.  You can see the Gowonas Expressway on Third Avenue with white multi-story buildings as shown in the streetcar rendering shown in a earlier post.  Notice that 37th Street makes a sharp 90 degree right and another one north.  This is 36th Street and if you follow it and go one block east at the waterfront you are at  the site of the Luckenbach Pier Explosion at 35th Street.  If you know where to look, can see that the "mystery ramp" leads no where.  39th Street was the route of the Church Avenue Trolley and from Eight Avenue to the waterfront the route of the Eight Avenue Trolley.  What a great photo.  It's source is  Since 1956, many things have changed in the area.  Many of leads leading to the Fifth Avenue El were abandonded an the configuration of the piers on the waterfront is not the same.

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