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Sunday, March 6, 2016

That's Some Large Gas Tank!

This photo shot was taken from Al Ponte's Time Machine.  This photo is showing West Fordham Road and Loring Place in the Bronx.  This photographer is unknown and the date is probably from the early 1950's.  Notice the trolley tracks on the street.  Many of the Bronx trolley lines stopped running in 1948 but I believe some Westchester County routes into the Bronx lasted until 1952.  Though it is hard to tell from the photo, the frame for this movable type gas tank is huge.

Bronx gas tanks are rare, at least for a Brooklyn person!

The aerial photograph below was taken from the City of New York DOIIT and is a 1924 map.  The wide street running horizontal is West Fordham Road.  You can see the gas tank on the left side of the photo.  From the photo above, the picture was taken about two blocks away from the gas tank at Loring Place.   Based on a 1951 aerial photograph, (not shown), the gas tank was still in existence.  According to a 2012 street map, the site occupied by the former gas tank is a baseball diamond.  According to the street plan, West Fordham Road takes a sharp left turn and ends near the river.  Notice the shadow of the tank in the aerial below.

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