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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good News from Seattle: 23rd Avenue Trolleybus Extension

See video below.  Sorry I could not link up directly.  Basically, an extension is planned with wires in Seattle.

Narrative to follow in future:

  Seattle will expand part of it's trolleybus network including the extension of the overhead.  This is good news  for wire lovers.  If batteries become perfected, there will be no need for trolleybus or tram wires.  Is this good?  Yes for the environment if more vehicles are electric operated but for traditional trolley lovers (tram or trolleybus), is a battery bus without overhead a trolleybus?  I do not think so.  In my opinion.

  This new clip shows us that at the present,  Seattle is still willing to invest in overhead wires.  Other cities are extending the trolleybus networks without overhead wires, relying on battery or some other power source for route extensions.  Battery buses are probably better on smaller sized buses that do not need to go up hills and do not operate in an air-conditioned required environment.  For climbing hills on hot days, the trolleybus is superb.  I heard that Peking may had some bad air pollution days recently and Peking may have opted for trolleybus route extension and replacement of diesel bus lines.  In the United States, only a few cities operate trolleybuses.  I heard a few years ago that Spokane, Washington and Montreal were talking about establishing new trolleybus systems but I have not heard anything recently.  If battery packs and capacitors are perfected,  or near perfection, I can see why these cities do not want to invest in an "old technology".  For me, I like the sparks and the sound of the trolley poles going under a switch.

IMHO  Tramway-Null

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