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Monday, April 25, 2016

One of the First Technical Reports Concerning the Brooklyn - Queens Connector

DNAInfo released some additional information about the proposed streetcar line on the Brooklyn -Queens waterfront.   Once you visit the site, you can click and see an earlier or (latest?) report on proposed operations planned.  An interesting section deals with propulsion and it seems that no large system can be completely wireless or separated from a power source.  If the streetcar/LRV has batteries, these batteries need to be re-charged and this may require some overhead segments or charging stations.  Systems around the world that recently opened may have some wireless segments due to technical reasons,  for example, going over a bridge with low clearance or for beauty reasons, passing along a historic street.   See technical section of the linked article.  Very interesting.

  If the new system needs some sections of overhead, place it over the right of way that goes under the Gowanus Expressway where no one would object and you do not need support poles.  I want to remind everyone that I like wires and it is the symbol of clean electric transportation.  The more the better, IMHO.

I hope these links work and you can bring up the article

Tramway Null(0)
By Nikhita Venugopal | April 25, 2016 11:27am | Updated on April 25, 2016 1:12pm

 A rendering of the proposed streetcar that would run between Brooklyn and Queens.
A rendering of the proposed streetcar that would run between Brooklyn and Queens.
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Courtesy Office of the Mayor
NEW YORK CITY — Two months after Mayor Bill de Blasio first endorsed a plan to build a streetcarconnecting waterfront neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, the city has released its early assessment of the $2.5 billion system, Politico New York first reported.
The 16-mile streetcar route, which will travel from Astoria to Sunset Park, was announced in February during the mayor's State of the City speech. The BQX would connect neighborhoods such as Long Island City, DUMBO and Red Hook, though the city has yet to share an exact route. 
The city's 37-page "rapid assessment" released to Politico on Friday evaluates an earlier study from the Friends of the BQX, a nonprofit that proposed the streetcar's development along the East River corridor. That earlier report has not yet been released to the public. 

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