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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Close Up Look at various ramps in the 38 Street Cut

     In some of my prior posts, I focused on the various ramps west of the Ninth Avenue Station on the present day D train in Brooklyn. I posted aerial views, historic views and so on. Now it would be interesting to see at train and track level, what these ramps look like.  In the two attached videos that I got from the web, you will see close up action, however they are not perfect and just as we are about to get to an interesting point, a train running in the opposite direction will block your view!

In the first video, a R-160 "M" train leaves Ninth Avenue Station (upper level) and  will run to 36th Street and 4th Avenue station.  Currently, the "M" train does not serve the Ninth Avenue station but runs by Sixth Avenue to Queens from the Williamsburgh Bridge after Essex Street.  Therefore this video is several years old.  The sequence that you will see as follows:

  1. The westbound train goes down a ramp and meets the former trackage to the Culver Line and the 5th Avenue Elevated.
  2. After an interchange, two ramps go up to a higher level.  Although these ramps are under construction, they normally carry tracks to the 36th Street yard and this is the trackage that the 5th Avenue-Culver El trains took.
  3. The two mystery ramps are seen with grass on one of them them going to the upper level.
  4. The train enters what becomes a two track brick lined tunnel which is very historic and may have been the original route of the South Brooklyn Rail Road.
  5. The train emerges into the light momentarily where you see a turnout for the SBRR tracks to the waterfront.
  6. Just as we are about to see the SBRR yard that stretches from 4th Avenue to 3rd Avenue, your view is blocked by a Coney Island bound train.
  7. The train makes a sharp turn and enters the Fourth Avenue Subway where the tracks go lower and meet the tracks of the "N" and "R" trains.
  8. The train enters the 36th Street (Fourth Avenue) Station.
  9. The view of this video is west.


In the second video, the "M" train made of R-160 cars is running south from 36 th Street to 62nd Street and New Utrecht Avenue on the West End El.  The view is easterly and you will be able to see the various buildings in the 36-38 Street yard.  At the Ninth Avenue Station, you will see the closed off staircase to the abandoned Culver Line and your will enter the West End El.  The order is reverse of the above where the train leaves 36th Street, leaves the "N" and "R" trackage which goes to a lower level, makes a sharp turn and enters the two track brick tunnel and so on.  I hope you find these videos interesting and a thanks to the person(s) who shot them.

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