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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nostrand Avenue Trolley on Private Right of Way near LIRR

Source:   George Conrad Photo

  In the above photo, which I could not copy in detail, shows the private right of way that existed between Flatbush and Nostrand Avenues near Avenue "H" for the Nostrand Avenue trolley .  This loop may have been placed in service in 1936 and it is adjacent to the LIRR Bay Ridge Division tracks to the left side of the photo.  Above the car is a vertical support pole for the high voltage tension lines that powered the LIRR Bay Ridge Division.  I remember them as a child all along the private right of way of the Bay Ridge Division starting from the waterfront.  In fact, the LIRR Bay Ridge Division may have used electric power until 1965.  A few of the high tension insulators still remain attached to the underside of the Gowanus Expressway near the Sea Beach Line ( "N" Train ) between Fourth and Fifth Avenues in Brooklyn and you can see them from the "N" train.

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