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Friday, September 28, 2012

Comparison Map: 2nd and 3rd Avenue Els, Upper Section, 1893-1903

Source:  Horn, George E, Editor, New York Division ERA Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 11,  November, 1988, P.9,  Order Item M-108

In this interesting comparison map, the spatial relationship between the 2nd and 3rd Avenue Els in Manhattan is shown from 18th Street to the Harlem River for the years 1893-1903.  Notice the 34th Street Spur and the 129th Street Yard and station.  Notice that the third or middle track is not continous.  This map shows the layout before the lines was "modernized" with express tracks and stations around 1914.  Notiace the coal bridges that provided coal to the locomotives.  Notice that the station pattern was different during those years.

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