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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Photo of Ninth Avenue Lower with BMT Standard Cars

A Culver Shuttle train rests in the middle track of the Ninth Avenue Station during the days that the line was equiped with BMT Standard Cars.  The staircase leads to the West End Line trains.  I believe that the front of the train is facing west based on the reflection on the glass window panel  (lower picture).
Source>Collection of: David Pirmann
Date: 2/21/1965 for second picture.  First picture is probably from the same source.

(173k, 1044x708)<br><b>Country:</b> United States<br><b>City:</b> New York<br><b>System:</b> New York City Transit<br><b>Line:</b> BMT Culver Line<br><b>Location:</b> 9th Avenue (Lower Level) <br><b>Route:</b> Culver Shuttle<br><b>Car:</b> BMT A/B-Type Standard 2764 <br><b>Collection of:</b> David Pirmann<br><b>Date:</b> 2/21/1965<br><b>Viewed (this week/total):</b> 0 / 4395

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