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Sunday, January 20, 2013

R-38 Simulator on the Brighton Line

Hi Folks:

 Please check out this train simulator posted in Subchat by Dj Hammers.   Dj Hammers is very talented.  Focus is on the Brighton Line ( B and Q trains) in Brooklyn south of Prospect Park.  Incidentally, most of the R-38 class, that entered service in 1967?, have been scrapped.  It is nice to see them in this simulation which is under development.  Please note the text posted in subchat below where I got the link.


Tramway Null (0)

The R38 for OpenBVE Train Simulator - BIG Update!

Posted by Dj Hammers on Sat Jan 19 23:04:49 2013
Some more progress on the R38 that I am working on...

I'm almost done, just need to code some 3D headlights, fix a couple textures issues, and make the window frames look nicer. As always, expect a release on

Check out the preview video:

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