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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shapefile Data From New Jersey

Some maps created using shapefiles provided free by the State of New Jersey.  Maps showing elevations, fire harzards in Bergen County are found above.  In the Bergen County map, I wanted to show that New Jersey Transit trains travel through some fire hazard areas and could be delayed, let us say due to brush fires and other hazards.  The darker the green, the higher the danger.  Shapefiles may be used by such programs such as ARCGIS after being unzipped.  The data can be transferred to GEODA and playing around with elevations and earthquake magnitude, there was a slight correlation which was modified by location (autocorrelation).  These maps are just experiments and should not be used for any scientific work.  The fire hazard file is probably from 2007.  Thank you State of New Jersey for providing the public with these free shape files.  Source of shape files:
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