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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Culver Line with BMT Standard Cars ( UFO Included)

Source: David Pirmann Collection from

The top photo comes from the NYCSUBWAY.ORG website while the second photo comes from off the web and shows the former Boston trolleys parked in back of the Fairway market in Red Hook.
The top photo is interesting because it shows the elevated structure south of Avenue X adjacent to the Coney Island Yard and Shops.  Taken probably in 1954, the top photo shows the Culver Line with BMT Standard Cars before it was converted to IND Independent Line Service with "D" trains to 205th Street in the Bronx.  Notice that the elevated structure is of the lattice type, which is not typical of the more modern elevated structures in Brooklyn and the other boroughs.  In fact, on the same line, from the Avenue X station north to the portal north of Ditmas Avenue, the structure in more of solid girder type.  I believe that the section on the Culver Line openned between 1919 and 1920 and is in the period when solid girders were used for elevated construction.  What gives?  To save money, the BRT Corporation? used older elevated parts from the Fulton Street Elevated that was going under modification at the same time.  This lattice type construction is found south of Avenue X to near the West 8th Street station.

Notice that next to the elevated structure on Shell Road was a yard equipped with trolley wire.  Notice the trolley line support poles and it's associated UFO (lamp).   Some of these poles were given by the Transit Authority to Bob Diamond for use at his Red Hook trolley line in back of the Fairway market.  If you look closely at one of the trolley poles in the second picture, you can see that some loops and a side bracket is still attached, just like they were originally found in the Coney Island Yard so many years earlier.

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