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Monday, February 4, 2013

You Are Blocking my View!

In the attached snapshoot, which was obtained from Roger Arcara's " IND & BMT  Subway and El Lines in New York City, 1940's - 1980's, for a few nanoseconds, the gas tanks on Smith Street come into view.  The shot is facing north showing the northbound Smith-9th Street platform.  I did not realize after so many years how large the tanks were.  In this blog, we have shots also facing the same direction and if the tanks were still in existance, we would not have such a great view from that location.  The tank seems to be at maximum height.  Sorry that I could not capture the snapshot better. A northbound IND  "D?" train consisting of R1-9 cars are shown.

From the same video, a train of triplex D-Types leaving Stillwell Avenue-Coney Island on either the Sea Beach or West End Lines.  Two types of tanks shown, rigid and movable.

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