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Friday, February 8, 2013

Smith and Coney Island Avenue Streetcar Lines in Brooklyn

Source:  Linder, Bernard, "Smith Street & Coney Island Lines", New York Divsion, Bulletin, Vol. 20, No. 3, June, 1977, pp.2-7.

 The Smith Street Line started its' life as Horsecar Line in 1862-1892.  The line was associated with the Coney Island Avenue Line and was extended to Coney Island several times in its' history.  A second fare was charged at various times at certain locations as Kings Highway.  The Coney Island Avenue Line was one of the first lines to be electrified.  More history about these interesting lines in the future.  Since I posted about the subject of the gas tanks at Smith Street near Fourth Street, I was surprised to see that at that location on the track map below, there was no siding for coal delivery.  I guess coal delivery was by boat at the canal.  Notice that there was a trolley depot south of the Smith and 9th Street intersection prior to 1930.

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